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Celebrate the Season with Limited-Edition Scent and Style.
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Cinnamon Dolce Gobble Expression

Cinnamon Dolce - Sweet cinnamon, spicy nutmeg and creamy tonka beans are perfectly blended for a decadent treat.

Proprietary Blend of Wax Our high-quality, food-grade paraffin wax is non-GMO.
Original Dual Wick Two wicks provides an even burn and best possible value.
Scent Strength Our candles are fully scented from top to bottom to promote consistent room-filling fragrance.
Be Yourself Our Expressions candle line comes in unique designs that allow you to be as expressive as you want with your home décor.

Apple Pie Crust Expression

Classic apple. Warm nutmeg. Comforting cinnamon bark.
$21.97 $13.18

Autumn Walk Camo Expression

Enchanting jasmine. Woody musk. Spicy sandalwood.
$21.97 $13.18

Berries & Cream Wild n Free Expression

Sugar-soaked strawberries. Tart raspberry. Subtle vanilla.
$21.97 $13.18

Blood Orange Fizz Fire Expression

Ruby red grapefruit. Sparkling Blood orange. Soft peach.
$21.97 $13.18

Botanical 19th Expression

Fresh green grass. Sunlit lily. Warm musk.
$21.97 $13.18

Cherry Fizz Be Mine Expression

Tart cherry. Tangy strawberry. Sparkling sugar.
$21.97 $13.18

Cherry Fizz Road Trippin' Expression

Tart cherry. Tangy strawberry. Sparkling sugar.
$21.97 $13.18

Cinnamon Vanilla Net Expression

Spicy cinnamon. Sweet butter. Heartwarming vanilla.
$21.97 $13.18

Citrus Fresca Psychedelic Expression

Tangy citrus cocktail. Energetic grapefruit. Sparkling raspberry.
$21.97 $13.18

Coastal Reef Waves Expression

Rejuvenating marine water. Wondrous jasmine. Serene coastal moss.
$21.97 $13.18

Coconut Lime Verbena Pot of Gold Expression

Tropical coconut. Smooth lime verbena. Creamy vanilla.
$21.97 $13.18

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